The Versace Champion

Rocky II 1979 + Versace SS 2013

When asked about the inspiration behind her Versace SS 2013 collection, Donatella proudly answered: “Part Rocky, part Elvis, part Mr. T”.

Rocky II 1979 - Versace SS 2013

Rocky II 1979 – Versace SS 2013

Well-groomed versions of Rocky Balboa opened Versace’s show, these were heavyweight gladiators, with perfect hair and a great sponsor -Versace, of course.

Versace SS 2013

Versace SS 2013

Unexpectedly, three men in suits followed, in grey and brown; but that didn’t mean the party was over. There were many metallics, flower prints, pink and turquoise during the rest of the collection. Robes, bathing suits and bomber jackets were successful separates in this equation.

Rocky + Miami + Elvis + Hercules

Rocky + Miami + Elvis + Hercules

From Philadelphia it took us to Las Vegas, then to Miami pretty quickly, but Balboa’s belt kept coming up, as a reminder of who’s the champion.

Rocky celebrating


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