The Big Burberry

The Big Lebowski 1998 – Burberry Prorsum FW 2014

The Dude, wearing his signature grey robe and bermuda shorts, selects the perfect kind of milk for his White Russian. In the background Xiao Wen Ju presents the 27th look of Burberry Prorsum’s latest runway show, FW 2014.


Warm fabrics, such as velvet, wool and leather in earth tones gave a bohemian vibe, which could also bring us to Julianne Moore’s hyper feminist character Maude Lebowski, can you see her wearing those long thick coats?

Burberry FW 2014

Burberry Prorsum FW 2014

As unlikely as it may seem, that Christopher Bailey took inspiration from this classic comedy, we would like to think he did.

Maude Lebowski


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