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The Royal Tenenbaums 1991 + Lacoste FW 2015

René might have done sporty chic first, but the Tenenbaums did it second.

The Royal Tenenbaums 1991 - Lacoste FW 2015

The Royal Tenenbaums 1991 – Lacoste FW 2015

Winter tennis was the theme of Felipe Oliveira’s latest collection for Lacoste, “A mix of bourgeois and street kid,” a little around the line of Richie and Chas Tenenbaum, between the dressed up tennis outfits and the red graphic tracksuits.

The super stylish Margot was somehow present, under a furry camel coat and behind some of the sporty dresses and preppy ensembles.

This one in the middle was my favorite:

Lacoste FW 2015

Lacoste FW 2015

Though Oliveira was concentrating in the brand’s roots -René Lacoste’s stylish sport attire from the thirties-, everyone was thinking about the Tenenbaums. Whether he had them in mind or not, what was more interesting, beyond the big look-alikes from above, were the gabardine coats over cotton tracksuits, the camel trench and pants, paired with a t-shirt and tennis shoes, the sweatshirt/cape hybrid and the wrap around asymmetrical dresses, because they gave the collection such a retro futuristic vibe, that they brought Tenenbaums to 2015.


Looking at this makes me think Wes should consider a sequel, and a wedding between Margot and Richie would be the most sensible thing to do. We have been waiting so long.



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