My Own Private Coach

My Own Private Idaho 1991 + Coach FW 2015

Stuart Vevers has another movie to share, this time it involves young Keanu, River and some narcolepsy adventures.


Theatrical dialogues, with a thin Shakespearean air, must have teased Stuart Vever’s mind when he was a teenager, as he confessed  having a poster of My Own Private Idaho in his room. Or was it the clothes? River Phoenix’ messy hair and sensitive character? His relationship with his family, with his best friend? Keanu Reeves’ confidence, money or rebellious attitude?

Maybe it was just the sex AND the clothes. It really doesn’t matter, 15 years later he got to a point where he was able to take the hair, the confidence, the road, the grunge and make a collection out of it. Lucky him!

Coach FW 2015

Coach FW 2015

And lucky us that get to revisit Gus Van Sant’s intense story of two streetboys, so different and lovely. Lucky the guys that have this collection to replicate the early 90s look in such a cool, modern way. Now put some clothes on, boys!


One of the best scenes in My Own Private Idaho. Look at Keanu! So young and pretty…


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