Felder Felder on the Lisbon sisters Today

Felder Felder SS 2016 + The Virgin Suicides 1999

What if the Lisbon sisters had survived? What a wonderful question.

The Virgin Suicides 1999 - Felder Felder SS 2016

The Virgin Suicides 1999 – Felder Felder SS 2016

Maybe a couple went to therapy, had a great life, another one found her way trough drugs, but still made it, Lux moved to Florida -yes!- and Cecilia became a writer, no doubt.


This assumption was well developed in Felder Felder’s latest collection in London Fashion Week, presented by identical twins, Daniela and Annette Felder, who found confort in this lighter version of Sofia Coppola’s film.

Even though these women have grown out of their difficult teens, they’re still fond of light summer dresses, pastel colors, ruffles and appliqués. Their style evolved, now they wear pant suits, in blue liquid metallics, and they show a lot of skin, who wouldn’t, after being raised in that house?



Of course, this is a great time to chanel any sort of 70s inspired movie, the references are everywhere! But this isn’t your typical flare everything, fringe everywhere kind of situation. Nancy Steiner, the film’s costume designer, deliberately toned down most looks -al except those worn by Josh Harnett-, to make it less trendy or costumy, and more Midwestern suburb.

The styling during the prom scene, for example, was described in Jeffrey Eugenides’ book as  if the kids had large crowns and ribbons, while Coppola and Steiner took a more minimal rode, with a simple toy tiara on Lux’ head.


The ultimate fashion film reference, Picnic at Hanging Rock -1975- is more a part of this look, than what we see at American Hustle, for example. That tells us a lot of what Coppola and Steiner had in mind, and what they wanted the clothes to communicate. The same thing goes for the Felder sisters.

This isn’t the first time that the Lisbon sisters inspire a fashion house, Rodarte took them in for FW 10 and Marc Jacobs has taken much from their mood and aesthetics for runway shows and fragrance campaigns, inviting Coppola to shoot them.


You can be sure that this will not be the last we hear from them either…


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