Cut to the Oscars: Ida meets a Rick Owens file

Ida 2013 + Rick Owens SS 2009

This years’ Oscar Nominees get their runway doppelgänger.

Ida 2013 - Rick Owens SS 2009

Ida 2013 – Rick Owens SS 2009

Even though it’s pretty obvious Ola Staszko -costume designer for Ida– did not get her inspiration from Rick Owens SS 2009, I was hoping to get some coincidences between runways and this year’s Oscar nominees. I mean, just look at these two!

Santity is not common on Owens’ work, but the grey scale is. He believes in elegance, the same kind you see in Ida’s photography, he believes in dressing like you don’t care, and creating clothes that look worn, comfy, a bit austere. Just like a nun’s uniform.


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