Adam Selman’s troubled females

Don’t be fooled by their sixties outfits, these girls are not sweet, and they will kill you to prove it.

Adam Selman FW 2015 - Female Trouble 1974

Female Trouble 1974 – Adam Selman FW 2015

John Waters is having quite a year in fashion, specially the second episode of his “Trash Trilogy”, Female Trouble. First it inspired Miu Miu’s SS 15 collection, and now its Adam Selman’s FW 15. In both cases, it was the first scenes that drew the designers’ attention, when Dawn Davenport rebels in school and in her home, burying her mother beneath the Christmas tree for not giving her cha-cha heels. Before outfits get really trashy in the movie, they’re cute, but with quite the attitude.

For Selman’s, it’s specifically the moment when Chiclet Fryer -played by Susan Walsh, RIP- tells her teacher “It’s just a skirt and sweater!”, after he criticized her outfit in the classroom.


The hair, though, was clearly inspired by Cookie Mueller’s character, Concetta.

Adam Selman - Cookie Mueller

Adam Selman – Cookie Mueller

The models went all in with the Davenport badass behavior, they chewed gum, played with their hair, put on their worst face and walked down the runway like it was a locker room with a cigarette on their pocket.

Mel Ottenberg, the show’s stylist, told the girls to “stare into space like you’re stoned”, Waters would have been proud!



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